DeWarren Criswell Photo

DeWarren Criswell

HECM Advisor


DeWarren Criswell graduated from Central Michigan University in 1999 With a bachelors in History Education and Sport Administration. He went on to attended grad school at the same school majoring in Sport Administration and minoring Business Administration and Political Science. DeWarren began his career in mortgage industry in January 2015. He served as the Sales Manager at a financial institute from 2015 - 2021. His main responsibility was to oversee the Reverse Mortgage Department during his tenure. While living in Michigan, DeWarren spent five months as a Loan Officer before being promoted to Sales Manager in November 2015.

With over 6 years of reverse mortgage and mortgage lending experience, DeWarren has the knowledge and expertise to help each and every senior reach their reverse mortgage financial goals. DeWarren has dedicated his career to the Reverse Mortgage Industry and works hard every day to see that the needs of every client are met to their satisfaction. Having helped thousands of seniors to obtain a reverse mortgage, he understands the process from start to finish and assures his client the quality experience that have come to expect from his work. Because of his extensive knowledge of the reverse mortgage program, DeWarren is able to avoid problems for his client and delivery them into their reverse mortgage program in a timely manner.

DeWarren and his fiancé still call Michigan home. Some of the things that DeWarren enjoys doing outside of work are reading, exercising, sports, family activities and teaching others how to invest for their future retirement.