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David Stomps

Vice President


  • Veteran Lending Specialist
Prior to his work in mortgage banking, David Stomps spent three years in retail sales where he learned to hone his customer service skills. He frequently went above and beyond and quickly became a top performer with high ratings in customer satisfaction. While advancing his career, he completed four years of business education at a local college. David carried his service-driven mindset into the mortgage industry where he serves his clients with incredible passion on a daily basis.

Over the last four years, David has acquired a plethora of mortgage knowledge and is able to use the skills he has gained to custom tailor financial solutions for each of his clients. David listens intently and understands that nobody’s needs are the same. Having helped hundreds of clients, he understands how complicating the refinance and purchase process can be and makes every effort to simplify the experience. Whether it’s his excellent work ethic, total transparency or positive attitude, David consistently prioritizes delivering the best results for his clients in an effort to keep the process as seamless as possible.

David’s biggest passion outside of work is exercise and he routinely practices martial arts, weightlifting, and running. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, David is an avid Ohio State football fan and enjoys attending the games, as well as watching them with his friends and family. He also enjoys travelling and has a goal to visit fifty different countries outside of the United States in the next fifty years.


David Stomps is simply tremendous. We closed on a mortgage refi with David, in the summer of 2021, and it was simply, simply a pleasure to work with him. We have disabled triplets, so at the time of that closing, we were working with another alleged major bank on a HELOC because we were hitting $6,000 a month out of pocket on treatment for the triplets. The HELOC sat and the other bank's desk for 7 months, literally. We needed help. David to the rescue, again. We contacted David in January, with our tale of woe about the HELOC comfortably residing in limbo land. David to the rescue. Again. What the stupid other bank could not accomplish in 8 months, David accomplished in 30 days. He knows what the heck he is doing. He is incredibly responsive, and he laughs at some of my jokes (which is better than my wife), and he is just so good. You need to know what an asset you have in David and from this man's experience, he has done wonders for my family. We are grateful.

- Richard M