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David Laufer

Senior Vice President


David has been originating residential mortgages since 1998. His uncanny ability to decipher the guidelines, allows him to convert even the most of complicated of loans along the pipeline up to closing. With honesty, integrity and a penchant for exceptional customer service everyone agrees he’s a pleasure to work with. His unique approach and guru status attained him the role of Senior Vice President at the Federal Savings Bank, where he is currently focused on a building a team educating them in his unique approach to understanding the details of the mortgage lending process.

Prior to his recruitment at the Federal Savings Bank, David set himself apart by showing his consistent ability to retain the top 3 producing status, for 10 years in a row. Aside from the exceptional client service he provides, the truth is his inside out knowledge of the guidelines allows him to push through complicated mortgage loans.

David began his career prior to the crash of 2008, and re-calibrated himself to the new demands and guidelines while so many others abandoned this industry.

As the mortgage industry changed, David has positioning himself as a Guidelines expert; in today’s market a 1st time home owner to an experienced real estate investor can all mutually benefit from working with a banker whom understands the ins-and-outs of the guidelines to mold and adhere to each client unique needs.

Today, David has brought his expertise to the Federal Savings Bank with the joint mission, “Rebuilding American homes one loan at a time.” As a Senior Vice President, David looks to helping the continuous economic growth. His personal pursuit of excellence and continued education allows him the advantage of understanding the guidelines as the new waves of laws, trends and closing are happening in the current real estate market.

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As an individual that went to Citibank for my mortgage and also to Federal Savings as a backup in case things did not go well with Citi, I would like to say that I am extraordinarily pleased that I decided to make the switch to Federal Savings. While I know every experience is different, my time with Citi was underwhelming to say the least. They talked a good game, made me several promises and pretty much dropped the ball after that. Contact was next to non-existent unless I initiated, and then the responses were short and not filled with helpful advice. Not so with Federal Savings. David and his team worked diligently with me from the start, getting me all the documentation safely and securely and most importantly, timely. He was responsive to my calls and emails and answered all questions I have, even though I am sure he must get asked these same questions a million times a day. The customer service didn't stop there as his team also extended themselves and made certain that I got all the necessary documents back to them, asap, to get my mortgage done. By the time we got to the underwriting, Citi was finally contacting me...to ask if I had heard anything from the MAIN broker!! Yeah, ok, I didn't even bother emailing him back. (Also, all of our conversations took place via email, not any other way) While I realize again that not everyone has the same experience as me, I can honestly say I am glad I made the change. I'm closing tomorrow, and when I am sitting in my new home, I will say I have David and his team to thank for making it happen so quickly.

- Elias W
When my husband completed his commitment to the USAF after 12 years of service, we decided to return to the area where our family lives. We found a home that we loved, and were pre-approved for a mortgage. Once we were under contract, it came to our attention that due to changing employment circumstances, we would have difficulty closing our loan. Several of our friends, also prepared for their mortgages, were denied their loans as they transitioned out of the military to a civilian aviation position similar to that my husband chose. We were nervous, but hopeful. That was when we met David Laufer.

David calmly explained our options to us, explained every step of the process, was available to answer questions whenever we needed him, and provided a calm voice of reason in a truly complex financing situation. He was a thorough data collector, and was able to help us navigate our way through our complex loan and our dream home. Through David’s hard work, we were able to close our mortgage a week before his estimated closing date in order to satisfy our hostile sellers.

In short, David’s hard work made our dream home purchase possible.

- Kate B
We were extremely pleased with the approval and underwriting processes. David walked us through the process from beginning to end. Despite having a few challenges that came up on our end, David’s team assisted by directing us on steps to clear the matter. By going through the underwriting process prior to house hunting, it allowed us to feel secure in shopping for a home as we obtained an actual loan approval and not just a pre-approval and it gave us better negotiating power when negotiating a price with the sellers. Furthermore, the approval upfront allowed for us to close faster and lock in a great rate. David was patient, professional and most important responsive, even reachable after hours. We strongly recommend this bank for its customer service and flexibility …. and at the end, we got a great house.

- Matthew and Janife H
I finally moved in and things are just starting to settle into place. So I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for all you've done for me. As a first-time home buyer, with absolutely zero experience or knowledge about anything in the mortgage industry, you led me by the hand through the whole process from A to Z. You were always available to answer my phone calls with even the silliest questions with a tremendous amount of patience. I appreciate all you've done to speed up the process, to get me a great rate, and to make the closing date happen on the best available time possible for me. Everything was done in such a professional and friendly manner. For all that I'm grateful I'm can't thank you enough. I would most definitely recommend you to anyone who is in need of a mortgage.

- Solomon and Esther K