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Slavica Danijella Dragas was born and raised in Oxford, England. She earned a BS in Economics/International Trade and Banking from the prestigious University of London. Prior to working at The Federal Savings Bank, Ms. Dragas was employed by an investment banking firm for over 18 years. She worked in their offices of London, San Paulo, Beijing, New York and Los Angeles. Her specialty was asset management, capital markets/investment banking. During her final four years at this investment banking firm, Ms. Dragas was one of the original team members that introduced her previous company mortgages to the market in the residential wholesale market.

She has continued employment in the residential and commercial lending field. Her focus is high-end clientele, VA, FHA and conventional real estate lending. In addition, numerous prestigious commercial projects on an international level. Ms. Dragas has also worked on financing within the developers/builders, sports arena construction. She is extremely competent in international banking and taxes; this helps her with the foreign national marketplace.

Ms. Dragas enjoys biking, tennis, horse-riding, skiing, self-development, and golf in spare time. She is an avid sports spectator and athlete and USA Board Member and Executive Steering Committee Member for Football For PEACE. Additionally, her philanthropic endeavors in the cure and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and Football for Peace keeps her very active in the global community.