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Daniel White


Daniel White attended the University of Florida and continued through MBA concentrations programs, in Global Management and Marketing. Upon graduating, he completed several professional certifications and obtained a PMP as a professional credential. After a lasting career in leadership at a local university, Daniel followed his passion for promoting financial freedom into the mortgage industry where he has spent the past 7 years as a licensed lending officer and a top funder for one of the nation’s largest direct lenders. He has now transitioned his career to focus on localized markets and nationwide need for financial guidance provided by The Federal Savings Bank in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Daniel brings an extensive knowledge base for structuring and restructuring debt that have decorated his office with awards ranging from top production to best in class recognition for customer service. His ability to problem solve and recognize financial pitfalls are his real assets. Daniel is responsible for helping hundreds of clients each year reach their financial goals with ease of process and the ability to engineer a solution that makes some of the most complicated situations seem like an easy fix. Programmatic expertise, financial guidance, and follow through are the key factors of his success in helping you reach your optimal financial goals.

Currently, Daniel resides in Arizona. He often volunteers at dog rescues and local schools as a tutor for children struggling with mathematics or business-related topics. His combined love for people, animals, and personal health are what help him stay successful on a daily basis.