Dan Holland Photo

Dan Holland

HECM Senior Vice President


Dan was born in St. Louis, and grew up in Southwest Missouri. He developed his core values and strong sense of community from his Grandparents that raised him. Dan attended Southwest Missouri State University while working full time, at what now has become the world’s number one retailer. He was selected and promoted to the Management Training Program. During the intense training cycle, Dan’s capacity and commitment to success was recognized by his leadership team and propelled him into the role of Operations Manager. Dan continued to embrace; innovations, servant leadership, and his unwavering commitment to high performance results. Based on his dedication and strong business acumen, he was promoted to GM. During his 30 plus years of business success, Dan operated one of the highest volume units, that delivered over $1.4 billion in top line sales and over $100 million in net income, in just a little over 10 years.

Dan brings; Passion, Commitment, Dedication, & his proven ability to help others to the HECM industry, where he is confident and eager to see that seniors get the support they deserve. Dan’s number one goal is to satisfy the needs of his clients, just like his Grandfather told him, “Do what you say, & say what you do”!

Dan resides in Las Vegas, with his wife and son. When not working, he is always on the go with his family and supporting community projects. He attends diversity and inclusion events to gather multicultural awareness and foster unity. He looks forward to the occasional round of golf but mostly to hosting backyard get-togethers with friends.