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Clint was raised in Redford, Michigan, but is deeply grounded here in Texas. He moved to Texas in the summer of 2015. After working for Quicken Loans for 10 years as a President Club banker, and giving his successful track record as a banker, Clint wanted to further his career, and moved states to do so.

With over 16 years of experience, Clint has the knowledge to help homeowners structure their loans according to their financial goals. He prides himself on truly caring for every one of his clients, whether they are a first-time buyers, or just looking to save money. Clint also makes sure to communicate clearly and effectively with his clients, in order to help them understand each of the steps they take in their loan journey together. Clint’s personal mission is to efficiently manage the mortgage process while providing superior and meaningful customer service. He was able to find the platform and the support that he needed to do this at The Federal Savings Bank.

Clint continues to live and work in the Dallas, Texas area. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and finding new ways to be a better husband, father, and banker.