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Christy Ford

Vice President


Christy Ford graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She began her career working as a Financial Aid Advisor helping students find means to finance their education. After working at the university, Christy was presented with an opportunity to start her own retail business which she owned and operated for several years until her first child was born. With the birth of her child, she elected to stay home with her children while they were small, and entered back into the workforce in 2008 in the mortgage industry and has continued to build her career as a talented and reliable Mortgage Banker.

With more than 8 years of experience in mortgage lending and 20 years helping people financially, Christy has the knowledge and expertise to help each of her clients structure their optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals. She prides herself educating clients on the best loan program to meet their goals, and takes on the role of becoming their advocate to make sure their best interests are served. Having helped hundreds of clients pursue their most personal investments, Christy understands how confusing the home buying and refinance process can be. This is why she relies on her extensive knowledge of available programs, and her steadfast commitment to customer service, honesty and integrity to ensure that her clients receive superior guidance.

Christy resides in Lisle, IL with her two little boys, Sammy and Tommy. She spends most of her free time running from one sporting event to the next cheering on her busy boys.


Christy was very responsive and communicative in the loan process which we greatly appreciated. I would recommend her highly to any of my friends who would use Veterans mortgage benefits.

- Bruce B
Christy Ford was exceptional.

- Cathey C
Cristy Ford went above and beyond for me. I was very impressed by her. I will always refer her and I look forward to working with her again. She really helped me. Thank you Mrs. Ford.

- Channing B
Christy was such a pleasure to work with. She knew exactly what was needed and what for me to expect. She answered questions for me before I had to ask. What an excellent experience it was working with her. It truly was a blessing for sure. Thanks so much for your time and help with my refi Christy!

- Cheryl C
Christy Ford is an amazing person. I look forward to working with her in the future.

- Chris K
Woo hoo 😊 thanks so much!!! I told my doctor about how wonderful you are and have referred her to you. She wants to do the same thing we did I believe and she is my guardian angel so please take care of her Christy. She will getting in touch with you soon. I’m getting the word out about you. Thanks so much Christy!

- Clyde T
Christy Ford kept me informed, kept my spirit up, but didn't promise false hope. The realtor wanted me to go with someone else, early in the process. But I knew early in the process, she was the one that I could trust!

- Darnell F
Christy ford was outstanding in keeping me up to date

- Darrell G
Christy has been a great person to work with. It has been a pleasure to know her, she is very dedicated to her job.

- Darrell G
Christy Ford was wonderful to work with. She was very attentive and knowledgeable. I appreciate all that she'd done for me in helping me raise my credit score, pay off high interest debt and refinancing my home.

- Dawn N
It was truly a pleasure working with Ms. Ford and the staff!!!!!!!!! Hands down - This was best mortgage transaction I've ever had!!!! Prior to this experience, it's been over six years since my last mortgage related transaction. Thanks again!!!

- Denise S
Christy Ford was wonderful and the company is lucky to have such a knowledgeable person, who comes across genuine and trustworthy. Christy was the best, thank you for all your help.

- Devoin R
Christy Ford, the Loan Officer, was exceptionally helpful. She did a wonderful job.

- Donald C
Outstanding customer service. Very satisfied customer. Thank you!

- Enrique M
Christine was fabulous... She answered all of my questions in a timely manner and went over and beyond my expectations. She treated me as a friend.I would use your company again.

- Heather G
I received excellent information, loan footprints and a easy path to follow the time and progresses of the loan and to review documents before finalization. Credit my loan officer Christy Ford

- Herbert K
Christy Ford was the individual I dealt with 1st and a majority of the time. She was the main reason I went with your Company. She answered all my questions and walked me through every step of the process... Thanks Christy

- James N
Miss Christy Ford was very professional, knowledgeable,and helpful throughout the loan process. Miss Ford's warm and personable and friendly manner also helped greatly. Miss Ford is a credit to The Federal Savings Bank.

- Jay F
Christy Ford and her team were outstanding. It felt like she was working for us at all times. She was able to answer all our questions (even the dumb ones). She was a pleasure to work with. Give her a big raise because you can't afford to lose her.

- John H
Christy was great!

- Jose A
I would like to extend my gratitude to your bank, especially to my Loan Officer, Christy Ford, she was really concerned about my loan and very nice to communicate with!

- Jose F
This experience was the most professional experience I have ever encountered. I feel as though I was being understood and listened to for the first time in any mortgage experience. Christy Ford took time to explain more to me than any other bank representative ever has. I appreciate being treated like a person who had certain questions looking for definitive answers. All my questions were answered in a language that was understandable. Best experience I have ever had with a refinancing or buying a home. Thank you!

- Leslie R.
Christy Ford was always very helpful and always return our calls and she was always available. She was very professional.

- Luis V
This has been the best experience of the refinancing process that we have ever had even when we purchased the home. Thank you Christy for all of your help, it has been a pleasure working with you. Keep up the great work, and thank you for making us feel like we have made a new friend.

- Peggy and Gary L
We would like to thank Christy Ford for all her help with work, even late hours due to our time zone differences! Your knowledge and very friendly help is very much appreciated Christy! THANK YOU!

- Rhonda and Dennis P
Christy Ford was amazing to work with, I always felt that she was helping me in all the ways possible. She is a assist to your company.

- Richard G
Christy Ford is great, my wife and I love the way she goes about taking care of our needs. We consider her our friend and we tell others to call her for their home loan needs.

- Richard G
This was a very pleasant experience. As a realtor, it is great to work with lenders that not only can preform but communicate effectively. I will be referring these services to other agents as well as my clients.

- Richard H
Christy Ford was friendly and helpful and professional from Day One! She walked us through the steps necessary to complete our refinance. She was available, both during as well as after hours, to answer our questions. She is an excellent representative for your company. I'd refinance through The Federal Savings Bank in a heartbeat!!

- Richard M
Thanks so much Christy… Great job! Both transactions went off without a hitch… Both brokers were thankful for such a smooth transaction… As was I… Thank you for the part you played…

- Ronda H
Start to finish, Christy was super helpful, prompt email replies, phone calls to update me on things, genuinely shared my excitement for this process.

- Shawn S
The loan person, Christy, I dealt with from beginning to end was very helpful and courteous and I really appreciated the gratefulness for my Military service and felt her sincerity.

- Timothy K