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Chris Navarro began his career in finance with one of the top 5 mortgage companies in the country after attending Williams College and the University of Southern California. He majored in Psychology which helped develop his people skills. He has been in banking and sales his entire career and has a passion for helping and educating his clients in understanding and achieving their financial goals. He has a full spectrum of experience in refinancing, purchase, home equity, and other home loan products.

Chris always takes the glass-half-full approach and is very unique in the way he is able to think outside the box. With his extensive product knowledge, he leaves no stone unturned and is always going above and beyond for his clients. He dedicates himself to learning and finding the best solution to every scenario and he values his clients’ experiences, as he believes are a direct reflection of himself.

Chris currently resides in Chandler, Arizona. He loves to travel whenever scheduling permits, especially back home to visit family in Los Angeles. He’s been to more than 20 different countries and has almost completed his nationwide tour of visiting all 50 states. He’s very adventurous and enjoys trying new things, especially food.