Christina Scrodin Photo

Christina Scrodin

HECM Vice President, Consumer Direct Division


Christina was born and raised in the beautiful city of Seattle. She is in her mid 30’s, an only child, and was raised by her single father from the age of 2. Later in 2006 she moved to Las Vegas where she now resides. Her work experience has given her a strong compassion for people, in which she possesses an unsurpassed level of customer service skills. She has worked in Las Vegas’s top resorts, and also worked for the world’s leading luxury retailers.

In Seattle she attended the University of Washington where she has a background in the studies of Medical Sciences and Business. She is a humanitarian and has a deep love for animals and people. She appreciates the ability in giving back to the community. She has volunteered for various organizations, including The Children’s Hospital, The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Three Square, homeless shelters and animal shelters.

She makes for an exceptional loan officer, specializing in HECM for seniors. Her compassion for people and customer service skills ensures that every customer of hers will be well taken care of. Her customer’s wellbeing and making sure they are in the best position possible is the most important thing to her.

In her spare time she enjoys partaking in sports and any sort of outdoor activity. One of her favorite sports is snowboarding and traveling throughout the world to visit the various snow resorts. One of her favorite snow resorts is Whistler Mountain in BC Canada. Another love of hers is the great outdoors.

Hiking allows her to be one with herself and truly take in nature’s absolute beauty. She has been on numerous beautiful hikes throughout the United States. Besides partaking in sports, her love of sports continues to spectating sports. Her number one love is football and her Seattle Seahawks. Her dream one day is to visit every stadium around the US to view a game of either football, basketball or baseball. So far she has visited 9 stadiums where she has watched a game live. When she’s not traveling or partaking in sports her 2 dogs keep her company at home.