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Chad Reynolds

Vice President


  • Veteran Lending Specialist
Chad has devoted his life to serving others so it is only natural he would provide the outstanding service as a mortgage banker. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Religious Studies and Journalism, Chad and his wife led a vibrant Christian campus ministry for more than 10 years. “I enjoyed the challenge of meeting the various needs of our church members as well as overseeing projects to serve the needs of our community”

In 2003, Chad and his family moved to Arizona to live near his mother who required additional living assistance. “At the time, it was very difficult to leave the church family we had spent so many years caring for, but the blessings of living closer to our extended family was a wonderful replacement.”

With 9 years of mortgage experience and extensive training from several of the nation’s largest banks, Chad is well qualified to provide the highest quality service to our customers. We are extremely lucky to have him on our team.

Not only does Chad possess vast knowledge of the refinance process, he also has devoted many years to building relationships with realtors to assist their clients in achieving the American Dream of home ownership. “Buying a home should be a positive experience for all parties involved that ends in celebration.”

Chad was born and raised in Montana and is an avid outdoorsman. During his free time, he enjoys mountain biking and skiing. “Watching my seventeen year-old daughter and 14 year-old son discover a passion for skiing has been one of the most special times of my life. I now understand the excitement I witnessed on my dad’s face as he taught me the sport of skiing.”


When I was first contacted by Mr. Chad Reynolds of The Federal Savings Bank I had mixed feelings about going into this process with a company that was out of state. I cannot tell you what a GREAT EXPERIENCE this has been. Working with Chad Reynolds and the rest of The Federal Savings Bank staff was so pleasant and there were no hassles or questions left unanswered. Mr. Reynolds was in contact with me on a daily basis letting me know the status of the loan. Whenever I had a question, I was always able to contact him and there was always a quick response. Even the person they used within our state for the final closing was very pleasant and accommodating. I would 100% recommend The Federal Savings Bank to anyone for their residential loan needs. A huge THANK YOU to Chad Reynolds and his staff of The Federal Savings Bank.

- Angelica N
I had thought about doing a refi, but didn't give it much work or effort. I got a call from Chad Reynolds and he was friendly and not pushy. He'd call and remind me what we had talked about and that he could save me time and money across the board with a minimum of effort on my part, all the way through the process. Kudos, Chad!

- Benjamin W
So pleased to have done business with you. You are the person that we've always wanted for our needs. And you surely have fulfilled everything we wanted.

- Betty and Roger T
Chad Reynolds, our mortgage banker, was outstanding. He was quick to respond and answered all of our questions from the simple every day items to the more complex aspects of the mortgage. This process was easy and less involved than our previous refinance. I was pleased with Chad's knowledge and his constant presence to reassure us that everything was moving along smoothly. Great experience!

- Billy C
Always a pleasure to work with Chad, he always took the time to make sure I understood what was happening or was about to happen.

- Brandon G
Chad Reynolds is the guy to see for all of your mortgage needs! Time after time, nothing changes, he is so consistent and makes sure that you the customer has a full understanding of what is going on and what to expect during these sometimes difficult processes. Thank you again Chad and we will be a return customer yet again!

- Brandon G
Chad is always available and is quick to address your needs/concerns/questions. This is why we will always be a Chad Reynolds customer, Grade A service all the time, thank you!

- Brandon G
Chad Reynolds has been our Banker for home loans for the last 9 years, GREAT GUY!! We always come back to Chad and The Federal Savings Bank.

- Charles W
I just love working with Chad Reynolds. A Man of his word he does what and when he tell you he's going to do something and very humble and I feel he's also a honest person as well πŸ‘πŸΌ

- Charlie H
The refinancing experience was awesome just outstanding. Chad Reynolds was so patient if me though out the hole process. I told him that I wasn't very computer inclined and he was like that's fine. The process is very simple to do anyway. I enjoyed working with Chad the hole time and would recommend FSB to anyone πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

- Charlie H
My overall experience with your services to us in this transaction was positive overall. I was introduced to your company from an on-line inquiry into mortgages and Armed Forces Veterans. I believe you were the first to contact me. After our initial conversation, I became familiar with your site and commitment to veterans.

My biggest concern was how would this transaction work with a long distance company and Loan Officer. You put those concerns to rest early on and I felt throughout the transaction that the transfer of information/documents between us was very efficient.

Overall it was a positive, low stress experience. I will certainly offer my recommendation to you and your company if the occasion arises.


- David S
Great job Chad.

- Douglass D
The closing went well last night. No problems. We are so relieved and extremely happy that our dream of a lower interest rate, below 4%, (3.75) has come true. Thank you is so small for what you have done for us, but I hope you know there really are no words to express the gratitude we feel in our hearts for what you have done to change our lives.

I am so emotional, I remember the first time I spoke with you, which was after we were told there were no was not possible for us to get a refinance, but you told me let's look at everything again, "if anyone can get you a loan, I can". My God, now look at where we earthly savior. God sent you to navigate this huge blessing for us.

So, needless to say, we will always be grateful to you for what you have done for us and will never forget you. This is like saying goodbye, I am so happy but have ambient feelings as well.

You are truly amazing Chad, you never gave up on us...not even when I lost my voice..and could not speak for myself, you spoke for me...even when I found myself in a weird situation that had a negative affect on my credit still remained calm, thoughtful and so patient as we moved forward.

The Federal Saving Bank is fortunate to have you...someone who has the skills and knowledge to help people change their lives and the compassion and persistence to get to the finish line.

I pray God will always bless you and your family.

- Ella and James M
A smooth process from start to finish.

- Eugene W
Chad Reynolds is a true professional who keeps his word and has demonstrated the upmost integrity throughout the process. This is the second time he has helped us with a mortgage and I would recommend him 100%.

- Francis S
Wonderful experience working with you Chad and everyone at Federal Savings Bank. Your team was very helpful to me. Thank you.

Chad Reynolds did an outstanding job again. I very much appreciate his helpfulness.

- Gerald M
Thank you for working with my mom and dad and making this such a good experience for them. I needed someone I could trust - and you’ve pulled through once again.

- Holly S
thank you for being so kind. I won't forget it. Be blessed.

- Howard C
I know the loan to refinance our home would never have been approved without your relentless efforts. I had several melt downs, along the way...but in spite of this, you remained calm and patient with me...which helped me to calm down and refocus on the bigger picture.

After the very low Appraisal was reported, I thought there is no way we will get a loan, no way possible. However, after you listened patiently to my disbelief through tears, you stated let's look at everything again, "if anyone can get you a loan, I can". This statement was my saving grace. I knew at that moment that God had chosen you to help us get to a better place at this point in our life. As you recall, I am sure.... we had several underwriting issues during the past few weeks. Again, your patience and thoughtful expressions helped me regain the emotional strength needed to continue the loan process by providing the documents requested by underwriting.

When you called approximately a week ago to say you had received final approval for the loan to close, I was in shock.. I is really going to happen, we have a VA Loan!!

We closed the loan on Wednesday, and have been praising God for his many blessings during this very stressful loan process. It is clear that you, Chad Reynolds were chosen for this challenging process because of your professional skills and knowledge as a Senior Loan professional. However, more importantly, I believe you were chosen because of your kindness, patience, professional dedication, and your sensitive and caring spirit that was displayed consistently throughout the loan process...from beginning to end!

We will never forget you...and will always be grateful for your part in changing our life.

- James and Ella
Just wanted to thank you for making our mortgage loan process run smoothly.

I told you, you were the first mortgage loan officer I spoke with and liked you right away. I then read your bio and knew I chose the right person to handle our loan.

I hope life is good to you and all of those you represent are happy with the outcome of their experience.

Wish you the best!

- Janet C
Our initial loan process was a 3 month long nightmare with horrible communication (different company). We were SO very pleased with the quick, efficient service and clear information that was provided to us. We would use our officer again and again and recommend him to anyone. Thank you!

- Jennifer C
I appreciate your help/guidance throughout the process. It was always great to talk with you. I feel that we’ve improved our financial life.

- Jerry N
Loan officer was above and beyond helpful in walking me through my mortgage refinance process. I have already recommended his service to a co-worker who is considering his own refinance process. Keep up the good work! Thanks Chad Reynolds!

- John S
Chad Reynolds and team were great to work with. We had a few issues to work through, but he got it all done and saved us a lot of cash in the process. Thanks Chad!

- Joseph K
I can't thank Mr. Chad enough for help me with my loan process. His knowledge and care for my needs made my discussion to chose your company a no brainer. I would surely recommend to my family and friends.

- Kenneth G
Chad Reynolds is awesome. He walked me through everything and gave me useful detailed information in response to any questions I had. Plus, his response time was impressive. If I sent an email, he would always respond within a few minutes. He definitely exceeds my expectations and is the reason I returned for a 2nd refinance with your company.

- Kerri B
Chad Reynolds was excellent to work with and helped me through the loan process by answering all my questions in a timely manner. He was completely professional all the way through.

- Lamont S
I want to thank you for shepherding my mortgage refinance through the complexities of the process. You were attentive and always available (even during your son’s football game!), from our first contact through the closing. Your personal involvement in my case was very much appreciated, and I would recommend you and your institution to any veteran wishing to refinance.

- Lawrence M.
When I first answered the phone over a month ago and realized the person calling was going to try and convince me to apply for a refinance mortgage with a company I had never heard of, I thought I was going to have to just say "No Thank You" and hang up, like I do on so many calls. I finally gave in though and allowed the caller to transfer me to you.

As I listened to you explain the loan process, the interest rates available, and how I could save money with a shorter term lower interest rate loan, the more sense it made for us. I had to think about it overnight and talk to my wife, but we both agreed it sounded like the right thing to do. So I called you back and the process began. It was a decision we are really thankful we made!

Throughout the process you explained everything in terms I could understand and made the whole process a very pleasant experience. Even with the few situations that arose which initially caused me some concern, you were able to ease my doubts and provide appropriate solutions. And the fact that we could transfer documents back and forth via email and fax made the process much more manageable.

The best part of the process though was working with you and only you throughout. You were always helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant to talk to. Thank you so much for everything, Chad! We will certainly recommend The Federal Savings Bank, and especially Mr. Chad Reynolds to our family and friends who are in need of a new or refinance loan.

- Lester and Lana O
This was the best process yet. Chad is a very thorough. Very professional yet personable and approachable when I needed help with some documents.

- Lucien P
I received a phone call from Chad at a time when I was considering refinance. My initial thought was that this was just another telephone scam. Within a few minutes of conversation, I was convinced that Chad was 'on the level'. Thereafter, every step proceeded just as we discussed and just as I expected. My wife and I are very happy. Thanks Chad!!

- Major J
I'm in the mtg Biz. Chad was fantastic. I will refer everyone I know. Couldn't be more pleased.

- Mark S.
I'm in the mtg Biz. Chad was fantastic. I will refer everyone I know. Couldn't be more pleased.

- Mark S
Chad and his team are top of the line. I was expecting to have to go through a lot of the underwriter stuff again. That didn't happen. So thankful and relieved. Thank you Chad.

- Michael D
Chad was extremely helpful and very communicative all along the way. His knowledge let him answer my questions as soon as I had them. He is an asset to your organization and should be guarded.

- Michael E
From start to finish our entire loan process was wonderful. Mr. Reynolds was excellent to work with. We were in constantly kept informed of what stage the loan was in. He was very knowledgeable of his skill. Any communication I made with him either through email or phone was answered in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him and The Federal Savings Bank for your mortgage needs.

- Mike M
I am very satisfied with Chad Reynolds and everything he did to get the loan approved from start to finish.

- Owen O
Thank you so much for calling us. You have handled our refi so professionally and personally, please keep us informed of any new developments.

- Paulette H
Chad was very good. Contacted me in a timely manner. He answered all my questions and gave me good answers. I will recommend Chad to anyone who wants to refinance their home.

- Ricardo R
Very pleased with the new rate, promptness of communication, and the outcome of the refinance. I will be doing additional business with Chad in the near future!

- Robert L
Chad Reynolds once again was outstanding. I'd recommend him to everyone. Thanks Chad!

- Ronald S
I wanted to thank you so much for the great experience refinancing. You are by far the best banker I have ever spoken to. Looking forward to 6 months from now when we can work another deal.

- Shane A.

I just wanted to send you a thank you for helping us to close on the refinance of our home. Believe me, I know it ended up being a lengthy and sometimes trying process, but thanks so much for sticking it out and making sure all went well!

- The Williams
Chad was very helpful and everything went exactly as he stated. Thanks Chad for all your support.

It was also a pleasure working with you. I really appreciated the way you were on top of things at all times. When I had a question you responded immediately with the correct answer and solution to any issue we encountered. I sincerely thank you for the attention you paid to my loan. You made what can be a frustrating experience a pleasure. I would be happy to work with you any time in the future.

- Tonu P.