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Lyle Wolding is a 40 year plus veteran of the financial services industry, focusing on helping seniors with wealth transfer and estate planning issues. He is listed in the 22nd edition of “Who’s Who In America’s Midwest”. He is recognized in the industry as a compassionate problem solver and a great communicator. Lyle believes a family needs to run smoothly and that starts with focusing on the senior members. His goal now is to promote public awareness of the federally regulated and insured HUD/FHA HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage). In his opinion, the HECM is the best thing to happen for helping families.

Lyle spent his early years in Wisconsin and his working years in many states that include Michigan, Ohio, Florida, as well as many Western States. He and his wife reside on their farm in Ohio most of the year. They also maintain a residence in Florida so they can be near their family and friends.

Lyle made his start right out of High School as a Pressman for Pontiac Motors, making fenders. He launched in the insurance business with the Michigan Farmer magazine. He ultimately moved to Kansas City and assumed the position of Senior Vice President of the Western Insurance Division for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, a Fortune 500 publishing company and insurance giant.

Lyle is a believer in providing the client with the best service and product, and is always available for them to share their concerns.