Brian DeMarie Photo

Brian DeMarie

Mortgage Banker


Brian graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and has spent the last five years in Real Estate focusing on investment properties. His goal has been to show buyers how to maximize the capitalization rate of rental properties to get the highest cash flow after expenses. After many successful years in real estate, Brian shifted his career into mortgage origination. This career change has allowed him to amplify his knowledge of the purchase process and become a talented and reliable Mortgage Banker.

Brian is passionate about guiding his clients through the purchase or refinance process. His most valuable asset is the ability to educate clients so they can make the best decisions possible. His endless knowledge of mortgage products allows him to see the mortgage process from a perspective few mortgage bankers can. This perspective helps him drive business almost exclusively from referrals of past clients and industry professionals along with strong word-of-mouth. Because of his extensive knowledge of investing, real estate lending guidelines, Brian offers a unique and comprehensive understanding of the home buying process.

Brian is originally from Long Island, New York and loves traveling with his family, exercising and reading. In his free time, he enjoys a variety of podcasts, TED talks and a good game of chess. His favorite sports teams are the NY Giants, the Knickerbockers and Yankees.