Brent Barrett Photo

Brent Barrett

Vice President


Brent Barrett began his mortgage banking career in Las Vegas. He then took that experience to partner and manage a mortgage bank in the Midwest so his wife could finish her graduate school not far from family. He has now moved back to the Las Vegas area to align with The Federal Savings Bank. With direct flights to almost every state he can serve his clients, family and friends nationwide.

With almost a decade in experience excelling in helping his clients build wealth through real estate, Brent and his team here at The Federal Savings Bank are here serve YOU.

Whether it is your first purchase or you have a multi-million dollar portfolio Brent is here to educate and make sure all of your questions are answered. Not just in the beginning but throughout the entire process from start to finish. This no obligation approach has been a crucial tool for Brent’s lifelong clients.

Outside of lending Brent enjoys spending time with his family, friends and a day out on the water.