Bopha Peou Photo

Bopha Peou

Mortgage Banker


Bopha was born in Cambodia and lived in Vietnam for 5 years. She lost her father to the Khmer rouge in 1976. In 1981, with the help of a Catholic charity, her family relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. After discovering relatives in California, Bopha and her mother put down roots in Santa Ana. Bopha started her career as a real estate agent. During this time, she became more and more passionate about the home loan process. After a few years, Bopha decided to pursue this passion and found her calling as a mortgage loan officer.

With over 15 years experiences in both real estate and mortgage industry, Bopha has helped countless of customers achieve their financial dream by clearly communicating every step of the process. She aims to make the entire process pleasant, professional, and simple. Bopha works with a variety of professionals such as realtors and financial planners to identify potential homebuyers, especially in Khmer community, who would benefit from her guidance, knowledge, and expertise. She is fluent in English, Khmer, and Vietnamese. Bopha makes sure that all involved from the homebuyers and sellers, and any other third parties are kept a task so everyone has a stress-free experience, and her clients can enjoy their new home as quickly as possible. It is her passion help her borrowers achieve their dreams of homeownership.

Bopha spent most of her career balancing being a successful professional and a caring mother to her four children. Now that all her children are grown, she has more time to devote to helping others achieve the American Dream of home ownership and giving back to her community through volunteering. Bopha has been volunteering with the United Nation High Commissioner of the Refugees since she 1981 and was appointed Chairwomen of the Board in 2015. She was also the third woman and the first Asian American Representative on the Board Commissioners for the Lowell Housing Authority in Lowell, MA in 2019. In addition to volunteering, Bopha love to spend time with her family and friends She enjoys cooking different types of food, golfing, traveling, swimming, fishing, and many other outdoor activities.