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Bob Tranchell has a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from the University of Massachusetts. He also studied vocal performance at Boston University and Arabic language at the American University of Cairo. His professional career has always centered on improving the lives of those he meets. He spent 18 years in the ministry, many of them overseas in developing countries, before making the transition to the reverse mortgage industry.

Working exclusively in the reverse mortgage industry for the past 20 years, he established himself as an industry expert excelling at sharing the value of home equity retirement planning. Education has always been the hallmark of his career where he has developed curriculum for CFPs, CPAs, and Realtors, as well as taught hundreds of professionals the value of using reverse mortgages in retirement planning. Bob has a passion for his work because he has seen time and time again how home equity management allows his clients the dignity, quality of life, and financial security they deserve. Reverse Mortgages have changed dramatically over the past ten years, but Bob’s years of experience and interactions with financial planners have led him to develop a multi-faceted approach to reverse mortgage financing. Most people think of the reverse mortgages to supplement social security, but many are not aware of the power of using them in retirement planning. Reverse mortgages can have tremendous benefits in portfolio management, moving in retirement, healthcare, and long-term care spending. It also has a unique and powerful approach to rate and term refinance. The flexibility of reverse mortgages has allowed Bob to write loans for retirees ranging from those in foreclosure and to others with multi-million-dollar portfolios.

Bob and his wife of 37 years, Laurie, live on Cape Cod. They have three grown children, Amira, Alessio, and Ashley. Life near the ocean meets Bob’s love of sunsets and sailing. He can also be found volunteering at assisted living communities sharing his love of music, performing Broadway, and “Old Standard” reviews for the residents. He continues his ministry through a small house church on Cape Cod.