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Blaise Shepherd is originally from Akron, OH. Prior to him becoming a Loan Officer, he worked with a home remodeling company, primarily focusing on interior work in the kitchen and bathrooms. Throughout his career endeavors, and his life, one thing has remained constant for Blaise: his passion for helping others.

Blaise has been in this industry for about 4 years now and he’s enjoyed every second of it. He prides himself on giving each one of his clients the utmost respect and care, regardless of who they are and what their situation is. He also relies on his quick decision-making capabilities to help clients get their deals done as fast as possible. Anybody who works with Blaise will receive dedicated and efficient care every step of the way.

In his free time, when Blaise is not spending quality time with his family and friends, you can find him attending various estate sales and auctions on the hunt for any new additions to his antique collection.