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Bindu Thomas is from Teaneck, NJ. Bindu took the “close-to-home” route and attended Rutgers University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree while majoring in Chemical Engineering. She then went on to obtain her MBA at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. While her educational background may not have much to do with the mortgage industry, her family background does. Bindu’s brother and father are both in the real estate industry. Bindu has been exposed to this industry since she was 10, and thus decided to follow the family trend and join the industry herself.

Bindu understands that the process to owing your own home can be a long and strenuous one. She prides herself on being committed to helping each of her clients achieve their exact financial and homeownership goals. Bindu uses her educational background to help be as efficient and innovative as possible when dealing with any type of problem solving that comes up throughout the process with her clients. Bindu grew up in this industry and has had good experiences with it from the outside looking in; she is now grateful to be able to bring those same positive experiences to her customers.

Bindu currently resides in Shelton, CT with her spouse of 16 years and their three children. Bindu loves to travel and cook in her free time, as well as maintain her own garden. Her and her family are also very active in their local church and community.