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Bernie Miller

Executive Vice President


Bernie Miller, bank owner and Executive Vice President, has been developing loan officers in Chicago and the Midwest since 2002. He is dedicated to coaching his team, both professionally and personally, to reach their full potential, and then push past it. He directly leads a team of over 100 Bankers and support staff. Whether you’re an established banker who has outgrown your current company, or a newcomer to the industry who is looking for guidance, Bernie is here for you. Bernie has a passion for people, which is made clear through his coaching program. He will fail with you, succeed with you, and be there to support you through all the in-betweens. Stop working for someone, and starting working with Bernie Miller.

Bernie graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY in 1992. After being commissioned as an Army Officer, he graduated from the U.S. Army aviation flight school in 1993, and served as a Cav/Scout helicopter pilot, primarily flying the OH-58D “Kiowa Warrior”. Bernie served in several Cavalry units during his 9-year career, earning several distinctions, including 2 Meritorious Service Medals, the Order of St. Michael, and the Senior Aviator Badge.

Bernie lives on the north shore of Chicago but grew up in the Denver area. Bernie and his wife have 3 sons & 2 daughters, whom share a love of music & performing. Bernie currently supports several veteran related charitable organizations, including Bunker Labs, wear blue: run to remember, and the USO of Illinois. Bernie and his wife Tammy also volunteer with the Archdiocese of Chicago and teach Pre-Cana classes to Catholic couples. Bernie loves to work, but in his free time Bernie is very active with his kids, enjoys “date-nights” with his wife and is an avid golfer.


Bernie Miller, propietario y vicepresidente ejecutivo del Federal Savings Bank, ha desarrollado oficiales de crédito en Chicago y el Medio Oeste desde 2002. Su enfoque es entrenar a su equipo, tanto profesional como personalmente, para alcanzar su máximo potencial y luego superarlo. Dirige directamente un equipo de más de 100 banqueros y funcionarios de apoyo. No importa si seas un banquero establecido que ha superado su empresa actual o un novato de la industria que busca orientación, Bernie está aquí para ayudar. Bernie vive apasionado por ayudar a personas, lo que queda claro a través de su programa de entrenamiento. Él fracasará contigo, tendrá éxito contigo y estará allí para apoyarte en todos los momentos intermedios. Deja de trabajar para alguien y empieza a trabajar con Bernie Miller.

Bernie se graduó de la Academia Militar de los Estados Unidos en West Point, NY en 1992. Después de ser comisionado como oficial del ejército, se graduó de la escuela de aviación del ejército de los Estados Unidos en 1993 y se desempeñó como piloto de helicóptero Cav / Scout, principalmente volando en el OH -58D “Guerrero Kiowa”. Durante su carrera de nueve años, Bernie sirvió en diversas unidades de Caballería, ganando varias distinciones, entre ellas dos Medallas de Servicio Meritorio, una Orden de San Miguel y la Insignia de Aviador Alto Rango.

Bernie vive en la costa norte de Chicago, pero creció en el área de Denver. Bernie y su esposa tienen 3 hijos y 2 hijas, con quienes comparten el amor por la música y la interpretación. Bernie actualmente apoya a varias organizaciones benéficas relacionadas con los veteranos, incluidos Bunker Labs, wear blue: run to remember y USO of Illinois; y forma parte de la organización no lucrativa, NAHREP 10, como entrenador publico certificado. Bernie y su esposa Tammy también son voluntarios en la Arquidiócesis de Chicago y enseñan clases de Pre-Cana a parejas católicas. A Bernie le encanta trabajar, pero en su tiempo libre es muy activo con sus hijos, disfruta de las "citas nocturnas" con su esposa y es un ávido golfista.

Team Testimonials

When I first met with Bernie back in December of 2015, I had already talked with several mortgage companies and was not yet decided where I would go. As soon as I met with him, I knew The Federal Savings Bank was different. Bernie's enthusiasm is contagious. I truly believe he wants to see every banker succeed and he takes the time to further develop our skills, even those of us who are seasoned. His coaching has definitely changed my business for the better and although there is still a lot to improve on, I know he has the best intentions for us to grow. I’m super thankful for having Bernie as a leader and look forward to learning, improving and growing much more. With Bernie as a leader, I know there are no excuses.

- Maribel G. | Vice President | Joined in 2016
Bernie went from being my boss, to being my mentor, to being my family. Bernie’s passion for helping others is palpable, and inspiring. He is a giving person, a tremendous coach, and an extraordinary leader. I would not be where am I today without his guidance, both professionally and personally.

- Abby Z. | National Marketing Manager | Joined in 2015
Bernie is above all an amazing human who cares about his partners. Bernie somehow always has the perfect reaction to any situation and can completely change your outlook in the most positive way. Working with Bernie is an inspiration to not only be better for yourself but also for others around you and emulate his style.

- Bryan L. | Vice President | Joined in 2016
Working with Bernie has been amazing. He truly cares about you as a person and your growth both inside the company and personally. Day after day he is dedicated to making us better people. That, tied with his motivation to grow an equal opportunity bank and help people of all races and creeds, makes it a pleasure to work for him.

- Dino S. | Vice President | Joined in 2014
Working with Bernie has been awesome! Bernie talks the talk, walks the walk, and motivates you to do it with him. He truly cares about one’s professional and personal growth, all while reminding you to have fun with it!

- Jeanette Z. | Business Development Specialist | Joined in 2016
Bernie Miller is fun, energetic, and a pleasure to work for. He always gives great advice or the coaching we need. When I was interviewed by Bernie for the outside retail banker position, I knew right away I wanted to work for him and The Federal Savings Bank. I’m glad I made the decision start with TFSB.

- Joe M. | Mortgage Banker | Joined in 2015
Bernie is a great manager and motivator. He oversees all the tools we employ to deliver an outstanding customer experience to every borrower I work with and his leadership and ability to circumvent issues when requested is unwavering. Having someone in your corner for the times you need assistance is priceless!

- Joe V. | Vice President | Joined in 2012
Working with Bernie is literally like working with a life-long friend. He will keep things light, he will find alternatives, he will include your opinion on his decisions. I could not ask for a better leader. Thanks, Bernie for believing in me. I will always be grateful!

- Johanna M. | Mortgage Banker Assistant | Joined in 2017
Bernie has been a great mentor, coach, boss, and friend over the last 6 years. He has helped me personally and professionally reach levels I never thought possible. Bernie brings so much to the company and we are so lucky to have him. He genuinely cares about all employees, helps our goals, and holds us accountable. There is no one else remotely close to Bernie Miller in terms of the value he brings to each employee, and our company.

- Kenny H. | Vice President | Joined in 2015
Bernie is a great sales leader, coach, and simply amazing to work with. He has provided me with a ton of value in my sales process. Regarding personal and professional goals, Bernie has helped open my mind to greater possibilities. We discussed helpful and effective ways to set goals and execute based not only on activity, but mind set, and daily approach. I believe that Bernie can help any sales professional realize greater potential.

- Magaly A. | Mortgage Banker | Joined in 2016
What is it like working for Bernie? I met Bernie on Halloween; being interviewed with a man sitting across the table in a cat suit was definitely a first! He has an amazing presence within the office and as I started working in the office I realized, not only does he show he cares about his direct team but the office as a whole. He is a boss who leaves his door open. The encouragement and positivity that he radiates throughout the office makes me feel appreciated and grateful to be where I’m at, and for the decision I made to join The Federal Savings Bank team.

- Paige Z. | Mortgage Banker Assistant | Joined in 2019
When I came to the bank I had loads of experience and a book of business that I thought was enough to satisfy my lifestyle. However, because of the awesome training and techniques that were provided to me in Bernie’s weekly coaching class and ideas from fellow bankers, it inspired me to go for the “Gusto”. My production has since doubled and this year it has tripled because of the tools provided for me to be consistent and ASK FOR THE BUSINESS on every transaction. My experience at TFSB has been nothing but enjoyable and everyone seems to have the same goal in mind… Lets get the loan closed!!!

- Pam J. | Senior Vice President | Joined in 2013
I am extremely lucky to have Bernie as a leader, mentor, and role model. He is the driving force of our collaborative “work hard, play hard” culture and genuinely shows appreciation for our team. I am amazed by Bernie’s ability to coach bankers. Time and time again I have seen him turn bankers with average production into absolute superstars. Bernie is constantly working to improve our division and our processes; the changes I have seen in the last 6 years are spectacular. I am very proud of the differences we are making in people’s lives every day and we could not do it without Bernie.

- Paul L. | Vice President, Home Lending | Joined in 2014
I was really impressed by the executive of the company, so dedicated to its success, that he interviews all outside sales applicants.

- Peter V. | Vice President | Joined in 2020
Working with Bernie is working with a true leader, a real sales producing manager. His dedication to his sales team is like nothing I have experienced before. Bernie really gets you going on every sales training or National Sales Meeting. Bernie is always informed about the most effective sales techniques and it is always appreciated to learn from a real Leader.

- Ruben G. | Mortgage Banker | Joined in 2016
Bernie is a dynamic and fair person. His upbeat energy is an inspiration to all of us. From the 1st day I met Bernie, he has always had an open-door policy, a great problem solver, and an amazing listener. Overall he has a fantastic approach to helping Bankers.

- Shana J. | Mortgage Banker | Joined in 2016.
Bernie Miller is the type of leader who always has your best interests at heart. It is imperative to him that you achieve the greatest successes that you are capable of. Bernie has implemented a coaching program within his division that has not only taken my business to new heights, but also, those on my team. There aren’t many leaders that are as selfless as he is and I wouldn’t be the leader that I am without his consistent mentorship.

- Shawn S. | Senior Vice President | Joined in 2012
Bernie is an AMAZING boss and leader. His energy is contagious, and his unique ideas and coaching skills have helped me develop professionally and personally; I am very thankful for that. What I love most is his passion about this industry, it’s truly inspiring. I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else.

- Solymar G. | Mortgage Banker | Joined in 2015
Stern but fair, I consider Bernie the best boss I ever had. His enthusiasm is off the charts. His professional approach is a catalyst to all who work with him. I value his sense of humor as being one of his top assets. As I head into retirement, I have nothing but positive thoughts about this man. I will miss him.

- Terrence H | Mortgage Banker | Joined in 2018
Working with Bernie is a game changer. He provides the perfect balance of encouragement and accountability for his bankers. In an industry where many people are feeding you what you want to hear to recruit you to work for them, Bernie stands apart. He is honest, optimistic and authentic which is one of the many reasons why I love working with him. Bernie and The Federal Savings Bank have created a system and group of people that are positive problem solvers. Our jobs aren’t always easy in an ever-changing market. Bernie has fostered a culture that allows everyone to work together to solve problems and get loans closed for our clients. I’m grateful for his mentorship and guidance.

- Terri E. | Vice President | Joined in 2016
There is not a better leader than Bernie. He has so much knowledge, he’s extremely positive, and helps his team be their best!

- Tony B. | Mortgage Banker Assistant | Joined in 2014
Bernie is always extremely positive and approachable! If anyone ever needs advice, Bernie is the go-to man.

- Yanira M. | Mortgage Banker Assistant | Joined in 2019