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Ben Barber

Mortgage Banker


A mortgage banker since 2005, Ben Barber specializes in loans for established and credit-challenged borrowers nationwide. He uses a system that relies on transparency, efficiency and reliability to consistently win clients and their referrals. Whether you are just beginning your first home search or you are an experienced homeowner, Ben can show you an easier way home.

A mid-Michigan native, Ben has degrees from Alma College and the University of Chicago. Prior to entering the banking industry, he managed a volunteer environmental monitoring network for the State of Illinois. He is also co-founder and principal of College Planning Partners—an education consulting business that helps parents and students manage getting into and paying for college. He purchased his first investment property in 1998. The one common thread throughout his career – whether in financial services, as a small business owner, trainer or personal coach – is his commitment to making a real and lasting contribution to the lives of his clients.

As your Personal Mortgage Banker, Ben is committed that your mortgage experience be smooth, easy and secure. He and his wife Heidi live in Chicago’s Irving Park neighborhood, where they enjoy regular adventures in history, music, cooking and more.


This was the smoothest closing I have ever had and cleanest route to the closing table.

- Attrn Mark B
Ben Barber was great throughout the process. He was always there to answers my questions and concerns, was very pleasant to work with, and was very articulate in explaining the refinance process. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

- Basit S
I am glad my first house financing was done by Mr. Ben and I would like all my future ones will also be done by him as well. He explained every process, was honest, thoroughly professional, great listener. knowledgeable and responsive. Thank you very much for EVERYTHING!!! - 5 star ratings*****

- Majid K
Mr. Ben was very accommodating , down to earth person. I'll miss having conversations with him. I wish him all the success. Deep inside me I had the feeling that he was treating me as his own brother. It was my pleasure to doing business with him.

- Massod H
I have got the keys today and currently sitting in my new home. I really can't thank you enough. Without your guidance and help I wouldn't be a home owner today. I will definitely pass anybody who is thinking about a loan your contact information. Thank you for helping me achieve one of the biggest goals in my life.

- Mohamed M
I have been wanting to purchase a home my whole life. This whole process was frustrating and exhausting till I got in contact with Ben Barber. He walked me through the whole process as a first time home buyer. Any question or concern I had, Ben was there with a response within the hour. Even with the 4 hour time difference! The most frustrating part of a loan is going through underwriting but Ben Barber made sure we answered any questions or concerns the underwriter would have before my file even went to the underwriter (this guy really knows what he's doing). He did everything in his power to make sure the underwriter understood my very difficult file. Not once did I actually think I would make it to the closing table. It was all just a dream, till I got in contact with Ben Barber. I truly recommend everyone contact him for any of their loan needs.

- Mohamed M
I have been renting homes now for almost 8 years and decided it was time that I considered buying one of my own. There was only one big problem I was going to encounter and it was big…I had no cash for a down-payment. Ben and I met for the first time on April 2nd and he was prepared to show me a few different financing scenarios we could use to get me into my own home without that down payment. I then found a house on April 13th! I began working tirelessly to gather everything needed to close. It was quite a task and there were days I didn’t think this was going to ever happen. Ben assured me we could make this happen and bring this all to close. And we did it! I closed on my home May 16th! I still can’t believe it!

- Penny M., May 2018
Thank you for your efficient work on my refinance. I had a major medical situation in my family and needed to streamline my mortgage. You delivered what you promised and were very timely. I was able to position myself for my next move. I contacted you again a year later to represent me in buying a new home. Again, efficient and timely. The paperwork couldn’t have been smoother. Despite a major SNAFU at the closing, you stayed the course with me and we saw the purchase finalized. I have forwarded your name to my son and daughter-in-law for their future purchase. Good luck.

- Gary L
In March 2012, I closed a loan with Chicago Bancorp for the purchase of a new home. Ben Barber was my loan advisor. Prior to working with Ben, I worked with Chase Bank for 2 months on the procurement of my new property and the securing of a mortgage. I had been a Chase customer for over 7 years with an existing home mortgage and was a Chase Private Client. After many negative experiences with Chase and not being able to work out an acceptable arrangement, I was referred to Ben for a mortgage. It was great from the start. He is responsive, thorough, considerate and extremely organized and diligent. I was coming out of a terrible experience with Chase and was only expecting more issues and hassle to come my way. And Ben changed all of that for me. He listened, looked to understand my situation and needs, and worked tirelessly to find me the right home for my mortgage. I got more information from Ben in our first meeting than I did during my entire experience with Chase. I was treated like a valuable customer from the start versus a name on an application. I got advice from Ben across a variety of topics and he went the extra mile to ensure my success and happiness. I could go on and on. . . . I will look to refer as many people as I can to him and your bank. My Realtor also had a great experience and has expressed a desire to work with Ben in the future. I would support anyone working with him for their loan needs.

- Ginger D
To acquire funds to buy my house, getting a mortgage was challenging with an unsteady income. And I didn't want to sell off my equities with market levels so low. The asset-based loan was a great solution. It allowed me to hold onto my assets, which have already appreciated, and it has many advantages over a mortgage. On top of that, the service was great.

- Harris D
I just wanted to thank you for all the help, information, and advice you have given me throughout my home buying experience. I can't tell you how nice it was to have someone willing to sit down and go through every detail of the process with me, I truly felt like I was in good hands. I also appreciate how much you were willing to do (sometimes answering my emails at 9 PM on a Saturday). I think the overwhelming factor that made this whole process pleasant was just that I felt I could really trust you; not only in your knowledge and ability, but also in your follow through and dedication to ensuring my happiness. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I can and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

- James L
Ben made refinancing for us easy and understandable. He came to our condo, which made things easy for us as my husband works late hours. Our mortgage refinance went through no problems even though our credit wasn’t up to par. Ben not only is an expert in his field but he has also become a friend. When we need information and advice, he is our go to guy. Thanks Ben for all your hard work.

- Karen G
I was facing a couple of hurdles but you listened to my concerns and delivered. It has been great working with you and I have the utmost confidence in your work and professionalism. Should any friends or family need a referral, your name will not be only at the top, it will be the only name on the list!! Great work!

- Michael J

Thank you again for helping us explore the possibility of refinancing our condo. Your assistance and knowledge in this matter are greatly appreciated. . . . You can be sure that once we are ready, we will be contacting you to assist us. Thank you again for your professionalism, knowledge, and timely response to our questions.

- Tzu Kai L