Barry Korogodsky Photo

Barry Korogodsky

HECM Associate


Barry Korogodsky has been a reverse mortgage originator for the past 23 years. In the development of a reverse mortgage relationship, Barry is expert in understanding the needs and qualifications for the program. Barry is skillful at making the complexities of the reverse mortgage program understandable to the client and their families insuring a smooth transition from application to closing.

Through the years, Barry has helped a large group of clients meet their specific financial needs in retirement. He has developed a network of referral sources that range from social service agencies, banks, financial planners, attorneys and other community outreach programs frequently receiving referrals from previous and trusting clients.

Prior to the reverse mortgage business Barry spent 19 years in the food service industry. He established new accounts, grew and maintained client relationships.

The Federal Savings Bank is a Veteran-owned, federally chartered bank with a focus of promoting public awareness and educating Seniors about the FHA HECM basics and benefits. No lender is added to title. Retain full home ownership rights. No debt is passed to heirs. Our FHA HECM Advisors provide an unmatched level of professionalism and service. They are dedicated to give Seniors a worry-free safe experience.

Barry lives and works in the Chicago suburban North Shore. He enjoys traveling to see his children, biking, kayaking, music, and walking the beautiful beaches of Chicago and suburbs with his wife Joan.