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Barb Lanis

Vice President


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  • Veteran Lending Specialist
  • FHA 203k Specialist
Barb has been a trusted mortgage lender since 1999 and has enjoyed working with her clients as their partner in planning their mortgage related finances. She has a passion for understanding the needs of her clients and understands the importance of great communication. Barb makes a commitment to each and every client that they will be completely informed during the loan process, and they will hear the same thing at the closing table as they did when they first applied.

Prior to becoming a mortgage lender, Barb owned her own business for 10 years, which specialized in technical writing and group training for the mortgage industry. Previously to that, Barb was a senior sales representative for a regional wholesale mortgage lender.

Born and raised in Michigan, she has made Illinois her home since 1985. She has two children, one a Paramedic and the other studying Occupational Therapy. In her free time, she enjoys vacations with her husband, skiing, and bicycling. Barb is the proud sister of two military veterans. One Army, one Navy.


Barb went above and beyond in her work on my new home loan! I was new to the process and she answered every question with great care. I will not hesitate to use her again and recommend her to anyone I know! Thanks again Barb!

- Abigail S., Chicago, IL.
I can't say enough great things about Barb. We presented several formidable challenges throughout the entire process and at every step of the way it seemed as if Barb was our most valuable advocate. And I'm not sure if the woman ever sleeps! She was answering the anxiety driven midnight emails we kept sending her within minutes. As far as I'm concerned, a person cannot do better for their mortgage needs than Barb Lanis regardless of how complicated the situation!

- Axel H., Lewis Center, OH.
Barb was unbelievable. I had a terrible loan and home equity tied up and no one was willing to even listen to me about refinancing. As was mentioned by others on here, Barb did what no one else took the time to do, listen and put all her effort into finding a way to help. She was available at any time of the day and was always professional and encouraging. I am confident if I had found someone across the road they would not have been any more available than she was. I am confident you could look the country over and not find anyone any better. You might get lucky and find someone as good, but why take a chance - Barb is unbelievable and I will never look anywhere else if I am in the need for this service again. Thank you Barb!!

- Charles H. Lithia, FL.
Barb was extremely accessible, and VERY knowledgeable. She kept us informed throughout the entire process, and made sure that we had any and all documentation that we needed to get to the closing table. I cannot recommend her more!

- Derek A., Whitehouse, OH.
Coming fresh out of a Chapter 13 Barb put her heart and soul into getting our mortgage approved and at a rate that was unbelievable! She takes control of the process from start to finish and works with the best team ever to make it happen! She is knowledgeable, smart and diligent in every way, we never thought we would be homeowners so soon again, we are thrilled! Do yourself a favor and contact Barb for your mortgage, don't mess around when it comes to your future investment!

- John and Cathy M., McHenry, IL.
Barb helped us with our VA cash-out refinance after one Chase mislead us. She was efficient, super responsive and answered my many questions promptly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend Barb for any of your real estate financing needs. She and her team are a pleasure to work with!!

- Larissa and Seamus B., Chicago, IL
I was amazed at her knowledge. Not only that, she was helpful even before I committed to pursuing a mortgage with her company and gave me specific information about regulations that had recently changed. She freely gave me feedback without regard to what I would do with it. Her knowledge and approachability just won me over. I closed exactly a week ago with Barb with absolutely no issues whatsoever. The process was so smooth that it almost appeared effortless to her. She was surprisingly available almost all the time that I needed her and worked extremely well with my realtor and others involved in the transaction. I will forever be indebted to her for her care, knowledge and professionalism. If you need a loan and want to feel that you are a part of the process, there is no one else I would recommend but Barb Lanis. There is no one else like her in the mortgage business.

- Peter N., Pembroke Pines, FL.
After several attempts to refinance with other lenders, Barbara provided for us what no other lender was able to do. It most likely has to do with her professionalism and her persistence in never giving up. She was available at all hours of the day to answer even the simplest questions we had and was always super pleasant to deal with. With our savings from our refinancing we have the extra monthly savings to put towards our children's college education. If you have the opportunity to be in the market for a lender, look no further than Barb Lanis she is the best and we are extremely grateful for finding her.

- Richard and Jean B., Rockville, NY.
Going into a home buying experience is already a daunting task. In my own thoughts I though getting me into a house was going to be nearly impossible due to some past credit issues. Nope not with Barb! She talked to me thoroughly about EVERYTHING and even we mapped out a plan to help take care of past issues and improve my credit score! Her and her team would be very fast to respond to any questions or concerns that I have or even my Fiance. We were both nervous going into this experience and both came out on top with the help of Barb. She did a fantastic job and doesn't make you feel like a "number" or "pay-check". She's very personable and will do everything she can to help you and to get you into that dream home! I would recommend you at least try her because you never know some other loan officer may give you grief like they did with me and I never once felt that with her. I am beyond satisfied and happy with the experience and overall process with her and her bank!! Thank you again Barb!!

- Sean N., Denton, TX.
Barb is an ACE!!!!! Two previous choices to refinance were losers, but this was a charm. Barb was very organized and accessible, which is key with communication in a time sensitive situation. We recommend her to anyone needing her service. Thank you, Barb, you are a professional, keep it going.

- Vicki and Richard S. The Villages, FL.
From the first inquiry about financing our new home to the last step through underwriting, Barb was amazingly helpful and patient. We had some issues with respect to financing and she worked through them with ease, and never made us feel as if it was any difficulty at all. If you need an experienced professional in real estate financing, you owe it to yourself to select Barb. She is a truly consummate professional in her field. We don't believe our loan would have gone through without her help.

- Wilson D., Williamsburg, VA.