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Austin Downs has been one of the nations Top Residential Mortgage Originators for the past 3 years. He specializes in Residential Refinancing, Purchases, and VA loans. What separates Austin from all other Lenders and Bankers is his diligence, dedication and promise to see your refinance or purchase transaction all the way through to its end. Austin will help you every step of the way making your experience as easy and smooth as possible. 

Prior to joining The Federal Savings Bank, Austin worked for the Nations Largest Bank and Mortgage Servicing Portfolios while being one of their top performers and producers for 3 years straight. Prior to that Austin served in the US Army as a Military Police Officer and also worked with Border Patrol as a part of the Joint Counter Narcotics Task Force (J.C.N.T.F). Austin is still currently serving in the US Army National Guard.

Austin graduated from Mesa High School in the great state of Arizona, he then attended Maricopa Community College for a short while before enlisting in the US ARMY. Outside of work Austin is a fitness enthusiast and amateur bodybuilder. He loves to build and restore classic cars and spend time with his family and friends.


Austin Downs was very helpful, he is knowledgeable of the process and most important he did what he said he would do. I feel that he went the extra mile for me to help me feel secure with your Bank. I will give him my strongest recommendation for friends and potential customers. It is a pleasure to do business with a person that understands the relationship is as important as closing the deal. You are fortunate to have him, allow him to teach others as his values need to be shared.

- Alfred P
We just closed on our new home a few weeks ago, and wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service Austin and The Federal Savings Bank provided us.

Austin worked so hard on our loan and was able to get the loanl to close with no issues. He put in countless hours on our file and always made time to take our calls and answer all of our questions. Austin always gave us his undivided attention, even though he had other clients to work with.

He is very knowledgeable about VA loans, and made our transaction smooth through the whole process. With my husband being Active duty military, having someone that knows how the military and the VA works is a huge plus!

We will be referring everyone we meet to apply for a loan with Austin and The Federal Savings Bank.

We can never thank you all enough for helping us become homeowners!

- Angela and Jason
I recently refinanced my rental property in Georgia with Austin Downs. I am just writing you to let you know he did an outstanding job. Throughout the process he answered all of my questions and was quick to reply to any email and call both while at work and off. He made the process very painless and is an excellent asset to your organization. I will definitely refer any co-workers and friends interested in refinancing his direction.

- Benjamin G
Austin Downs is a superb financial banker who helped us get through a very stressful period in our lives. His knowledge of the VA loan process and how it protects the veteran is bar none. Austin promised us at the beginning that we would be closing by the end of the month and he delivered. Due to the uncertainty of our economy we had lost one source of our income which presented us with an extremely bleak picture of our future. Thanks to Austin Downs and the Federal Savings Bank we are financially solvent and our future looks wonderful. We also learned that there is an avenue open to us in the future to lower our interest rate on our mortgage at no additional cost to us which we will be taking advantage of in the new year, of course using Austin Downs as our financial banker. Thank you to Austin Downs and the Federal Savings Bank for making us once again financially solvent.

- Carmine D
I recently refinanced my home with The Federal Savings Bank and I wanted to tell you about my experience. Let me start by saying that I had been trying to refinance my house to take advantage of lower interest rates for a few months prior to the call I received from Austin Downs. Without going into a bunch of detail, all I ended up with from that whole fiasco is a boat load of credit checks on my report and Quicken got me for a few hundred dollars. I had pretty much given up on the whole thing when one weekend Austin Downs called me and explained to me about The Federal Savings Bank, how it was run, who it was owned by, and that they worked closely with the VA. After that everything changed. There were no lies that came out later in the fine print. There were no weekend, spare time, amateur appraisers. Mr. Downs was my point of contact through the whole process, he made himself available any time I had a question and he understood the mess I had gone through up to that point. It seemed he was tireless in insuring that my experience with The Federal Savings Bank was a great one and the whole process went very smoothly. My loan closed about a month and a half ago but I have been very busy with a new job, family, etc. so it took me a little while to contact you and tell you and The Federal Savings Bank thank you for a great experience. I don't think any other financial institution understands a VA streamline refinance as well as your bank and the professionalism displayed by the employees was outstanding compared to anything else I have dealt with. I also was very relieved to deal with fellow veterans who understood everything about the process and could explain it so well. Again I just want to say thank you and it was a complete pleasure doing business with your bank and your people.

- Christopher W
Austin made our transaction easy, quick and painless. We had a miserable experience with a different company previously this year. Austin was upfront, honest and on time, all the time. Can't thank him enough for his help, and his service to our country. Hire more like Austin.

- Colin S
Austin Downs, has always done extremely well assisting us with our "VA mortgage loan". He makes the completion of our loan process very easy & hassle free. We love dealing with Austin Downs. We would highly recommend Austin. He constantly keeps in touch with us during our loan process. Thank you so much Austin!

- David A
Austin Downs was my loan officer. Austin returned all of my calls and was very informative . Austin answered all of my questions and emails in a timely manner. Austin made the process stress free. Thank you

- Derico G
My name is Garrett Hurt and I just recently closed on a VA refinance that was handled by Austin Downs. I normally don’t send out letters of praise that complement someone for doing their job, but this time I felt it was necessary. I am always skeptic when I get phone calls from telemarketers and I almost hung up the phone before they transferred me to speak with Austin. Within the first two minutes of my conversation with Austin I felt at ease and knew that this guy was for real and had a genuine interest in helping me lower my payment. The whole process was effortless compared to the last time I went through this about a year ago with a different lender. Austin was always available, if I couldn’t reach him by phone I could send him an email and his response was within hour. When he said he was going to do something, he did it. When he scheduled a time for something to be done, it was done. When he told me that I would be receiving a check on a certain date, it was there. He followed up after we closed and told me thanked me for using Federal Savings and wanted to make sure that everything went well.

Also I want to let you know that it is great to know there are organizations, like Federal Savings, that tend to veterans and show a genuine interest in working to save us money in the long run.

Thank you and please let Austin know that I appreciated everything he did for us.

- Garrett H
If we did not have true professionals like Austin Downs and Heather Wick handling our refinancing it would not be complete now. My wife and I were let down by two other companies throughout this process, Austin was the only one to see it through and not give up. If any of my family and friends need mortgage assistance of any kind I will be recommending Federal Savings and Austins Downs. Thanks for everything!!!

- Jeffrey T
This was my first re-finance on my home going from FHA to VA. First to point out that I was cheated out of my VA home loan when I bought my house, Austin downs took urge to my problem and walked me through step by step the whole way, from applying for the VA home loan all the way to closing to make sure I received the rights of serving for the U.S. NAVY. The Federal Savings Bank takes there time with customers and they don't rush you what so ever. It was a pleasure and headache free process, I will definitely be referring business but also continue to business with The Federal Savings Bank for years to come.

- Jeremy G
Thank You! My experience with the Federal Savings Bank was a very good one. I marked the box that the loan don't close as anticipated. However, the reason for that was my not mentioning my wife was in Conover, NC. so, the documents got signed later. Mr. Austin Downs is one of the finest Professional Loan Officers I have ever associated. Mr. Brown was also very supportive in this loan process. I look forward to stopping by your office one day when I travel to Phoenix to visit my son Ben who is the owner of Spire Fitness on Indian School Road. Thank You again ! I will let others know of my experience. Thank John Novak.

- John N
Austin did a wonderful job; he is very professional, knowledgeable about the VA loan system and always available. I enjoyed interacting with him in all phases of this loan process. He will be "Go to Guy!" for any future banking transactions.

- John R
Austin and team are amazing at every turn. I have never experienced such incredible hands on service and incredible follow through. Always an outstanding experience.

- Karen U
Austin and his team are very professional. Paperwork was provide in an adequate time frame so I could review and ask questions. When I had questions or concerns, Austin and his team responded back in a timely manner. During the process Austin contacted me with updates, tell me what phase my paperwork was at and what happens next. Austin provided me with resources to view. Austin is very knowledgeable of his job.

- Kendera G
Austin is awesome! Very helpful an knowledgeable. Tells the truth.

- Lewis M
We just finished refinancing our home. I just want to say a few things about Austin Downs.

1. He is a pleasure to work with. 2. Very sufficient and accurate. 3. Very professional. 4. Gets back to us right away when we have a question.

I have done refinancing before that cause us headaches. With Austin there was no headaches and everything went smoothly.

It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

- Maria G.
I had filled out a report after my loan closed but I wanted to send you a quick note on my experience with Mr. Downs I could go on about what a great experience I had with Mr. Downs and his associate but I'm sure you hear all the good things they did to make all loan experiences easy and how they came through for their clients.

What I would like to express is Mr. Downs professionalism on all levels. It's one thing to a consumer to be anxious about refinancing a loan especially for me since I'm a single father with one income so any savings I get its really appreciated.

Mr. Downs went above and beyond to make me comfortable in refinancing my loan. He even gave me his personal contact number for when he went on weekend duty just to make sure if I needed or had questions I can get ahold of him. That right there took a huge burden off my shoulders knowing I had someone who was really in my corner with the best interest in mind. I felt comfortable and confident that this process will go well.

If I called and he didn't answer, he would get back to me ASAP and I never had to wait long for his response. I always admire those who take their jobs serious but when you have a person who is sincere and considerate it just makes uncomfortable situations comfortable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note and I will be making sure that I tell all my fellow military service comrades that they should contact your company ASAP for refinancing or financing.

Thank you once again!

- Mason A
I had a great experience working with Austin on the refinance of my home loan. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I'm glad that he was able to get me taken care of so quickly and efficiently. He is someone I would be glad to work with again. I wanted you to know that my experience with him was outstanding.

Thank you very much

- Michael G
Austin Downs is the best I've ever worked with in regards to all my previous mortgage re-fi's. His prior military service is very helpful especially when working with veterans as myself who cuts out all the "bull" and gives straight/forward answers. What normally may take hours of explaining the process of my loan, Austin was able to explain everything in MINUTES! Great Job Austin and thank you so much for "picking up phone" when I called your company. Go Army-Hooah!

- Moses T
I would like to share with you how helpful Austin was throughout the whole refinance process we went through. He was clear since day one about laying down the expectations, and went out of his way every step of the way till we successfully closed a couple of days ago.

I am the dental director of a CA based dental group, and over see 26 locations with 80 dentists and north of 400 supporting staff, and if I had only one Austin in each of these 26 offices, I can play golf everyday and never have to worry about work.

He is a great catch for you guys to have, and for us as clients to deal with. Here is to continued success for your business and to Austin as well.

- Tareq O
Austin and his team did a wonderful job on both transactions and I would use him again if necessary. He is very accurate and prompt and Luke was a pleasure to work with also. Everything went very smooth and closing was right on time. Thank you Austin!

- Thomas D
My overall experience with the Federal Savings Bank was out standing. The expertise of Austin Downs and his staff went above and beyond to get my loan approved. I am now much wiser pertaining to the mortgage refinancing process. I would highly recommend The Federal Saving Bank and their knowledgeable staff.

- Troy H
I am very please with Mr. Austin he made thing go so easy and was very understanding taking time to go over every thing so that I understood what was going on. I will refer him to friends.

- Willie L