Aryan Jafarzadeh Photo

Aryan Jafarzadeh

Vice President


Helping civilians and veterans alike, Aryan Jafarzadeh is no stranger to transforming the lives of his clients by guiding them into a state of financial well-being. After graduating from The University of North Texas with his master’s degree in Accounting with an emphasis in Taxation, Aryan has spent the better half of a decade assisting his clients in the financial sector. He worked for several major public accounting firms helping individuals at all levels reach their financial goals. But after realizing that his scope of who he can assist was limited, Aryan made the move into the mortgage field where he knew he’d be able to make a better and larger impact.

With the knowledge he amassed from the accounting firms he worked at over the years; he was quickly able to adapt to the mortgage industry. As a seasoned Accountant, Aryan was known for a steadfast and almost stubborn like dedication to finding success for his clients no matter how small or large their finances were, tackling their goals as if they were his own. Taking that same sense of dedication, knowledge of various mortgage programs, finance expertise and combining it with his down-to-earth, transparent, and patient style of advising, he quickly found himself as the number one loan officer for a nationwide mortgage lender. That desire to help others was infectious for those around him and as a result, he quickly found himself managing several teams of loan officers, helping guide them and their clients to that state of financial well-being he always strived for. That innate desire to help any and every one, while finding enjoyment from assisting families by creating programs that are specifically tailored to put them in a better overall financial position is exactly why Aryan was eventually scouted by The Federal Savings Bank. Realizing the opportunity and honor to work for the largest veteran-owned and veteran-operated bank in the country would put him in a position to help more people than ever before. His hard commitment to excellence serves him well as he works diligently with every veteran and civilian to see that they achieve the financial success that he knows they deserve. He ensures that his clients receive the best guidance as he understands that a home is the most important investment one will make.

In the rare event where he’s not helping others, you can find Aryan in Prosper, Texas with his wife and their four-legged son. He is very active in his local church and puts God before all else. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends. In addition, he loves being active, playing soccer, and on occasion, you will find him on the green improving his golf skills.