Ari Monheit Photo

Ari Monheit

Mortgage Banker


Ari Monheit is new to The Federal Savings Bank. He graduated from Daemen College in Amherst New York, with a MS in Education. He also has a Bachelor’s of Arts specializing in Finance and has just entered the mortgage industry.

Ari grew up in Brooklyn, NY just a 40 minute train ride from Times Square. He has been looking into buying his own first home recently. The confusion, myths and misinformation readily available inspired him to become a loan originator to help others through the process as smoothly as possible. The Federal Savings Bank provides an atmosphere in which he feels that he can build a prestigious career, one that is centered on helping fellow citizens be able to achieve the American Dream which is to buy a house.

In his spare time Ari enjoys to play basketball, and baseball. He is currently in a basketball league and was recently crowned league champions. Ari is also an travel enthusiast, using miles and points to turn ordinary trips into extraordinary vacations.