Antae Motton Photo

Antae Motton

Mortgage Banker


Antae Motton was born in Philadelphia but raised in Northern Virginia, which provided him with a unique upbringing. After finishing high school in the great state of Virginia, Antae attended Hampton University to pursue a degree Architecture. While attending Hampton, he spent several years exploring and eventually finding his passion in real estate.

While in college, Antae started working in the real estate industry as an assistant to a real estate broker. He spent approximately 5 years working alongside his mentor, learning the ropes and trades of the industry. His passion lied where he could make the most impact not only in his own community, but in the everyday lives of individuals. This led to him joining The Federal Saving Bank. Antae’s mission is to provide his clients with superior customer service from pre- approval to close. His vision is to have a memorable and inspirational experience while providing clients with home financing knowledge.

Outside of work, Antae enjoys volunteering at various non–profit organizations in the DMV area. When he is not reading, working out, or simply enjoying nature; Antae travels where he desires to spend more time with his autistic cousin, Jordi.