Ankush Dhanda Photo

Ankush Dhanda

Mortgage Banker


Ankush Dhanda has been in the Mortgage Industry for over 4 years. He started his career as an Accountant, but he wanted to work directly with people, so he moved into Mortgage Banking. He graduated with a degree in Accounting and has an MBA.

Ankush loves to help his clients with their home needs, whether that be their first home, an investment property or a new upgrade from their current home. He is an expert in all mortgage products, including Conventional, FHA and VA loans and works with client’s thorough pre-approval to closing. Ankush’s clients are impressed with his attention to detail, transparency and the care he takes to make the entire process go smoothly with minimal headaches for the client. Ankush reviews the client’s current mortgage, financial situation and pays attention to their financial goals. On many occasions, he has successfully obtained mortgages that were more favorable than his clients expected. He has clients all over the country and his current clients do not hesitate to recommend him.

Ankush is an avid runner, participating in marathons and training to run an Ultra Marathon (over 50 miles). Born and brought up in the Chicago area, he is avid Bulls fan. Ankush loves to travel and tries to visit a new country every year.