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Angelo Zona

HECM Advisor


Angie Zona has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Albany. He also studied for the priesthood in two religious orders, the Missionaries of St. Charles and The Paulist Fathers. After leaving the seminary and religious life, Angie transitioned to the mortgage industry – specifically working on HECM loans. This gave him an opportunity to continue helping his fellow man but in a different manner.

In the many years of serving in this great industry, Angie contributed his talents to two of the largest lenders, and his passion for HECMs has driven him to great success. Angie has been recognized as a top producer qualifying for the many club awards that recognized those with a passion for seniors. He was initially drawn to the product as a way to help seniors live a more comfortable retirement. He loves sitting at the kitchen table with seniors sharing his life while listening to their needs. Over the years the HECM industry has undergone many changes that has opened the door to the financial world to utilize HECMs in portfolio management, delaying social security, downsizing with liquidity and other unique and powerful ways. Angie prides himself on staying on top of these changes to make sure his clients are educated about HECMs. His passion for educating his clients leads him to employ a consultative approach to HECMs, and has seen the benefits to his clients who have utilized this versatile and unique product.

Angie and his wife Carolyn, live on Cape Cod. They have been married for 41 years and have adopted a son Jed, and a daughter Heidi. They love the many Cape Cod beaches and they often attend the wonderful classical music provided by the Cape Cod Symphony. His passion for this HECM financial product is supported by the fact that he and Carolyn have one themselves.