In business and life, Amanda Gambrell chooses to work with people who have a good heart and care about others. This is her story and why she loves what she does.

Fear of rejection stopped Amanda from buying a home. When she finally gathered up enough courage to try, Amanda met with a big local bank. A miracle happened; she was pre-approved and made an offer on a home! The offer was accepted! Amanda contacted her loan officer, whom said he would get the ball rolling on her loan.

Call after call, email after email, Amanda quickly realized that she wasn’t a priority. Amanda almost lost the house.

Amanda didn’t know what to do. She reached out to a friend’s mortgage guy. He told Amanda he would help, and they started over. He sent Amanda her loan estimate and she was floored by how much cash she would be bringing to closing- cash she didn’t have. Amanda asked him about down payment assistance, and he didn’t seem to know what she was talking about.

Amanda researched it, determined that she would qualify, and sent him the info. He seemed shocked but agreed to send Amanda’s loan through with the assistance program. How many people had he worked with who could have taken advantage of down payment assistance?

When Amanda entered the mortgage industry, she knew that this would be a huge focus for her- helping people achieve their dream of home ownership. Amanda vowed to treat her clients like family- to make them a priority and offer them the best program for their situation. Amanda has been helping people make their home ownership dreams come true for four years now as a Mortgage Loan Officer, and she couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling job.

Amanda’s motto is: If there’s a will, there’s a way!