Alice Green Photo

Alice Green

Mortgage Banker


  • VA Loan Specialist
Alice Green has had a diverse and interesting career and is looking forward to continue success in mortgage banking. She has a B.S. in Biology and an M.A. in Science, Technology and Public Policy from George Washington University. She has experience directing projects and budgeting for non-profit associations with international memberships. She has managed manufacturing imports and exports and she has Wall Street experience, providing marketing and sales expertise to a political and economic consulting firm.

Working in marketing and sales for ten years allowed Alice to develop related skills along with the ability to grow and maintain strong client relationships in the United States and internationally. She worked with potential and current clients to provide and explain political, trade and economic policy research. She ensured that clients’ current and future needs were met in order to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. While presiding over her co-op board in New York City, Alice honed many of the skills necessary and useful for mortgage banking and gained a unique insight into real estate markets.

Alice lives in beautiful Livermore, Colorado with her husband Jack. She has a small herd of prize-winning Scottish Highland cattle, three horses and a full-size Collie to round out the crew.