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Ali Aqel was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. From an early age, he was a sports enthusiast and a dedicated athlete. He attended the University of St. Francis on a full-ride football scholarship and earned a degree in Sports Management and a minor in Marketing. He hit the ground running in the industry and was brought on to one of the nation’s largest financial groups as a mortgage banker. Today, Ali continues to gain knowledge in the financial field.

In pursuit of continuous prosperity and experience in his chosen profession, Ali transitioned into the role of a loan officer, educating clients on bank products and services, managing leads from inquiry to installation, and always providing consummate customer service. He works vigorously to support any team he is apart of, most recently contributing to ten million of loan-volume earned in a single month. He is passionate about his profession and eager to make every encounter with his customers a positive one. He is a people-person by nature, which lends itself to the genuine support he offers to customers throughout the entirety of what could be an intricate and intimidating process of buying a home.

In his leisure time, Ali likes to find innovative ways to stay active and in good health. As a family-oriented man, he spends a lot of time maintaining strong relationships with his loved ones.