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Alec Savage

Mortgage Banker


Alec Savage, a native of Arizona, attended Phoenix College with a full-ride scholarship for Basketball. He started for two seasons and was able to win a NJCAA National Championship before a career ending injury. As the son of a nationally known expert in sales and business relations, he watched and learned for more than six years before jumping head first into his first professional career. Alec quickly excelled in all areas and has brought his knowledge and unparalleled work ethic to the mortgage industry, where he truly stands out from the rest.

The discipline and work ethic he has acquired over the years has truly made him a great asset to whoever he works with. This success has given him a unique insight into the value of helping people reach their personal financial goals. He has leveraged his success both personally and professionally to become a tremendous resource to his clients, builders, realtors and referral sources.

Alec is an absolute pleasure to be around. His upbeat attitude and motivation are contagious. In his free time Alec loves training basketball players to chase their dream. He enjoys reading motivational and self-learning books, cooking, and vacationing with friends and loved ones.