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As we descend into the depths of the winter months, holding true to a budget can be more difficult. There’s the holiday season, which calls for gifts and travel, and the lure of all the winter activities hides behind every corner. But there is no need to skip out on the fun just because of budgetary restrictions. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best things to do this winter season on a budget. Here’s the list:

Get outside

While many people may spend a significant amount of money on skis, snowboards, and snowy resorts, there is another option that won’t leave your wallet feeling flat. Every state in the country (besides Delaware) has a state park that you can access for far less than what you would pay for a ski resort. Check out this guide to learn more about the costs of entering a state park near you. Grab some friends, put the kids in the car, and bundle up for a wintery walk, or consider renting snowshoes for a unique experience everyone is sure to enjoy.

  • Average state park pass per person: $17
  • Average snowshoe rental: $25 (prices may vary)

Have a cookie baking holiday party

If you are trying to host a gathering without breaking the bank, a cookie decorating party could be your answer. Not only is it a fun activity that you can adjust according to who you plan on inviting, everyone can bring their favorite ingredients and decorations, so the cost doesn’t fall on one person. If you and your friends have children, the kids can have their own fun activity to participate in as well. The parents can watch movies, help with the more dangerous parts of baking, and have a great excuse to get together. On the other hand, if you want it to be an adults-only affair, you can ask people to bring their favorite holiday drink to pair with the cookies.

Find a light show near you

Many cities and towns come together to put on a light show around the holidays and the New Year. A simple Google search will reveal what options are available near you. All you need to enjoy some quality time with friends or family is a car and a little fuel to get you there. Play your favorite music and pack some fun snacks or a yummy hot chocolate in a to-go thermos for an elevated experience on a budget. This option is essentially lower cost and can be a good option for winter-lovers of all ages.

The National Retail Federation lists winter holidays as second in their “Top five U.S. consumer spending events” ranking. Even when most of these major holidays pass, the spending can make its way into the rest of the colder months. These activities will give you, your friends, and your family something fun to look forward to without the added stress of doling out the cash.

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